Speed Lash Series: Selecting the right lashes!

April 4, 2023

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One of the things that most people don’t realize is that so much of increasing our speed as Lash Pro’s is not just about how fast our hands move but so many other things.

Mastering any trade takes 10,000 hours – that’s a lot of time!

But the good news is, While we are putting in the practice and increasing our speed there are so many tweaks we can make to our services that knock off time to each appointment.

And remember, the seconds we save add up to minutes, and the minutes add up to hours each week of time we can save to do important things – like take more clients, add on upsell services, spend time with family or doing things that we love in life.

Today in the SpeedLash MasterClass I talked about something that most people don’t know… how using the proper Lash Extensions and being consistent in brands can speed up our Lash sets. It’s such a simple trick but one you can start incorporating today to help with your appointment time.

Top things to look for in lashes that will help you decrease time:

1. High quality ingredients so the lashes won’t bend, curl or kink. 

2. Stickiness of the tape that adheres the lashes to the strip itself so that you don’t spend time separating lashes when you go to pick up because it’s not sticky enough – or if it’s too sticky and you spend too much time trying to separate it. 

3. Consistently using the same lash brand so that you never have to change your pick up location on the NL itself. All brands, even if they are called a “C” curl or a “D” curl have different curls and once you train your muscle memory to get used to one brand, every time you change the brand there are slight tweaks to teach yourself on where to change your pick up location. 

Consistency is key in speed lashing. Don’t underestimate the speed that comes with familiarity and quality.

The course is OFFICIALLY open for enrolment and if you are wanting to Learn to Lash in record time, here’s the link.


To register and get your discount on BOGO Cashmere Pro lashes and access the Speedlash MasterClass click here

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