Lash Pro Certified?

Lash Pro Certified?

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Are you tired of feeling…

Are you tired of feeling…


Trapped inside the 9-5 rat race?


Confused about your next career move?


Frustrated by huge dreams + slow progress?


Like you have the potential but something is missing?


​Anxious about missing out on precious time with the people you love?

You are not alone. We’ve helped over 36,000 ambitious women just like you build their own lash empires.

LashPro    Academy

Introducing all 5 generations of Lash Training combined into one epic program designed to accelerate your learning and ignite your lash empire. 

You will leave this program as a 3X certified Lash Pro who is confident, empowered, and ready to build a thriving lash business.

There is no other lash school that has taken all 5 must-have programs and combined them into the most powerful Lash Academy in the world. 

Ready to build your empire?

Welcome to the next generation of lashing


Did you know that many of our graduates are earning anywhere from $45-$95/hour! 

Let us show you how

What is LashPro  ?

What is  LashPro  ?

The only lash Academy you will ever need (literally) 

What you get:


Classic Lash Training & Certification - Start with the foundations of all things lashing, theory, health and safety and design. 


Volume/Hybrid Lash Training & Certification - Learn this advanced lash technique where you will build custom fans with 2-8 extensions per fan.


Mega Volume Training & Certification - Create and master the boldest lashes the world has seen and keep your clients addicted to coming back for more


Business and Branding - Think of this as the MBA for Lashing. You've learned the skills now it's time to build your empire



Community - You shouldn't have to chase your dreams on your own. We're here every step of the way  

All 5 Lash Generations. One Program. 

Your lash empire

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"This has been the best online course I have ever encountered."

"Completely at your own pace and on your own time…

Everything you need is offered and at your fingertips. Fixe also provides you with tips from the best of the best and lifetime access to an amazing group of people who have been through this journey."

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who asks. Thank you Fixe Beauty for helping me achieve my goals!"

- Chelsea

Who is LashPro   for?

Who is LashPro   for?

this is for you... 


you have no experience in the beauty industry but are ready to learn something new and start a new career in this lucrative and exciting industry


you are a current beauty professional who have businesses already but are looking to add more services for their clients and more revenue


you are busy and are looking for way to fit your learning in and around your life and schedules 


you are wanting to go all in with your learning and are ready to invest in building your dream lash empire 


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Start TODAY! 


Literally, THE ONLY Lash Course you will ever need. 

Lashing has evolved and the skills people once needed are not what they need now to start and build a successful Lash Empire. 

We're not here to teach you the basics and send you on your way. We are here to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know. 



❥Classic, Volume/Hybrid and Mega Volume Lashing
❥eye anatomy and lash growth cycle
❥history of eyelash extensions
❥in-depth of product knowledge and ingredients
❥step-by-step videos, images and processes to safely apply eyelash extensions, and create hybrid, volume and mega sets

❥fully accredited health and safety training
❥how to sanitize and set up your work station
❥how to do a client consultation
❥forms for pre and post appointment
❥how to care for your lashes
❥allergies and reactions 
❥setting up your workspace

Here's What You'll Learn

Step-by-step Process

Client Experience

3 Certifications in one

Be the best of the best

❥how to get clients
❥how to create your beauty brand
❥how to set your prices
❥how to stand out from the rest
❥live coaching calls every week
❥unlimited support
Most schools teach you the lashes, but forget to teach you the business.
We're here for it all sister. 

Brand & Start your Biz

Build your empire

❥how to pick the best design for your clients 
❥how to draw a lash map and create custom designs
❥how to pick the best length and weight
❥how to make sure your lashes last longer than anyone elses
❥how to do a fill
and so much more... 

Design & Retention

there's no competition at the top



students have taken this course worldwide


4.9* reviews on google 


in estimated student lash earnings


average salary of 3X certified Lash pro

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How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.



imagine what it will feel like when you...

Replace your 9-5 job or find a side hustle and earn anywhere from $1000-$7000/month


Set your own schedule and work entirely around your life, family, and priorities 


Learn everything you need to know, in one place, with one program


Click here to claim your
free starter kit

Click here to claim your
free starter kit

Save My Spot!

Save My Spot! 

Click here to claim your
free starter kit


How It Works

You can start your course as soon as you want ( literally today if you want) 
It's all at your own pace, so take it as fast or slow as you need.


The course will be all online ( we even have an app!) 
There are weekly live training calls and support with our educators


There is an online test at the end. Multiple choice, and photo submission. Once you pass, you get your certificate emailed, and it's time to start building your empire

Get Certified X 3

“I loved how much information was shared in this course and all the support that was offered.”

- Marie Elizabeth

Kind words


“Today I got my official salon license and opened my own spa at age 19. This is a dream come true”

- Kinley Cochrane

Kind words


A year from now you will have wished you started today...

Let's build a lash biz you're proud of

i want you to imagine

what it would feel like...

❥To wake up every day to go to a job you love
❥Spend your days making women feel confident & beautiful
❥Earn incredible money
❥Be your own boss.

are you ready to build that dream life?
One lash at a time. 

Try it out. Risk Free. 
When we put it that way, what have you go to lose? 

We believe so strongly in what this can do for you, if you are not seeing results or satisfied with your training, we will refund your entire purchase. 
After you have taken and completed all 3 certifications, launched and branded your business, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your course 100% 

money back 


I was an over-worked, over-stressed, mom stuck in a hopeless amount of debt, a job I hated and a life that didn't feel like was mine…

Waking up everyday to a job I didn't love, leaving my son in a daycare I couldn't really afford, and feeling like there had to be more to this life I was living.

I felt like I was doing all the right things, but nothing felt right. I knew there had to be more but I had no idea what I could do or how I could make a change. 

I wanted to be able to be home with my son when I needed it, I craved a job I was excited to wake up and go to, and truthfully I was sick and tired of barely making enough money to make ends meet. Have you ever felt that way?

In a moment of desperation I signed up for a lash course. I had no background in the beauty industry, but one day my lash artist told me how much money she was making, how fun it was to meet clients, and how she managed to pay off her debt. 

I signed up for a few courses, worked extra hours and, well...

Nowadays my lash business supports my family and my mission: to help other mamas and boss women build their own lash empires and manifest their dreams.

The rest is history.


Our difference?

 We don’t just teach you beauty

We teach you the biz too. LashPro5G Academy will give you the high-quality training, ongoing support and community you need to thrive in the lash business.

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Your dreams are an investment.
Not an Expense. 

Be a confident, passionate lash artist with the highest quality training and techniques 

Be able to start making money and taking clients and earning anywhere from $45-$95 per hour

Create a career where you get to set your own hours and schedule 

Work from home or a salon. 

Have access to a community of ambitious likeminded women building their empires beside you 

Build a job you love going to, where you get to wake up everyday and help women feel confident and beautiful 

By the end of this course, you will be a 3X certified LashPro

*every state and province has their own guidelines and regulations for working as a lash artist and it is up to the individual to research requirements in their area. 

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We started Fixe Beauty because there was a huge lack in the market for high quality training. You literally do not have to look anywhere else. You will leave this course feeling confident in your lash skills, supported by your educators, and with an entire community of other ambitious women just like you working towards building their empires. 
Imagine how it will feel to step towards the life you've been dreaming of, earn incredible money, and be surrounded by thousands of women cheering you on every step of the way. 

We remember what it feels like to be thinking about taking the next step. With limited funds, and fear of choosing the wrong school, and taking the leap to starting a business... it was all scary

You're in the right place.

“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, Yesterday

for giving me the opportunity to not only learn a new skill, but business skills as well !
I currently have 1 salon/esthetician studio and I'm opening up an Indigenious academy in Canada now! 

- Danielle Matte

“This week has been insane and I want to seriously thank Fixe... 



I am currently 6 months pregnant and with a full time job and I was able to compelte the course within 3 weeks. I have learned so much from this program and the amount of time spent on safety, learning to operate your own business, and lashing in general, is amazing. 

- Brandi Gregg

“I took a leap of faith, and when I tell you it paid off, it did”



Find another Lash School out there that offers all 5G's of Lash Training, in one place....


Classic Lashing is where you will learn the foundations to all things lashing. Theory, ingredient knowledge, safety, sanitation, consultations and so much more. This is the start of everything that you will build your skills off of.  

Gain unstoppable confidence in yourself and your skills and set a rock solid foundation for the next steps in your lashing career... 

2. Volume ( and hybrid) Training & Certification

Hybrid lashing is a combination of Classic and Volume. Learn our proven and advanced techniques to create beautiful and advanced fans so you can start creating hybrid and volume sets right away. 

This course dives into advanced design and theory and builds upon the skills you learned in classic. 

Average cost per service for volume sets can be anywhere from $125-$200/set. This is where you really start to see the growth in your income and your business


Welcome to your darkest, boldest and more impactful lash sets yet. Learn to create lash fans that are larger than life and keep your clients coming back for more. 

4. Business and Brand Training - Your Lash MBA

Most schools teach you the beauty but forget the biz. What's the point in being the most talented lash pro if you don't know how to attract clients and earn amazing money. We like to call this the MBA of Lash School, where we teach you how to launch, grow and build your biz while also creating a beautiful brand 

5. Community and support 

You are hardworking, ambitious and ready to build your empire but you shouldn't have to do it alone. We are here with you every step of the way. Connect with our educators on live weekly calls, andlock arms with likeminded women like you

3 Courses & Certifications: Classic, Volume/Hybrid, Mega

Lifetime Course access 

Unlimited ongoing support and business development training 

Video, slideshows, client forms, downloads to teach you are proven framework for all things lashing 

Membership to our incredible community of ambitious women like you 

BONUS: FREE Starter kit for Classic Course 

Just a reminder of what you get with  LashPro


This is for you if:

you are ready to unapologetically create the lash empire you have been dreaming of

you don't need to make extra money 

you have no experience in the beauty industry but are ready to learn 

you're not ready to make a change in your life to chase a career you love

You have experience in the industry and are ready to build

It's probably not for you if...

you are looking for a quick and simple fix

Let's Do This Thing!

So what are you waiting for?

Do I need to take Classic Lash Training? 

Yes. Classic Lash training is the foundations to all things lashing. If there are programs out there that say otherwise they are not telling you the truth. This is where you learn health and safety, ingredient knowledge, theory and foundational skills for the rest of your lash career 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have taken my lash course? 

We have had thousands of students come to us from other places because the skills and techniques they learned were not adequate. You will get something from this course no matter how far along you are. The 5G pricing, plus the free kit makes it a no brainer and there is never harm in adding more to your current skill base. 

What comes in the starter kits? 

You can view the contents of our starter kits in our website. They each come with our premium products and haveeverything you need to follow along step by step with the tutorials and videos. We include products valued at $997. 

Does this Certificate work where I live? 

Every state and province has their own unique set of rules and regulations and it is up to you to do your research to see what is required in your local area. 
The benefit of this low price, is that for states that require a cosmetology or aesthetician license to do lashes, a lot of students take this course at this low price to help them decide if investing further into a cosmetology license is something they are interested in doing and enjoy

Are there any pre-requisites for taking this course? 

There are no pre-requisites for you to start this course. 

How long does it take to complete the course? 

This Curriculum is taken directly from our fully Accredited 2 Day in Class Training for each course.  
​Some students take 2 weeks days and some take a month or so. 

The choice is entirely yours and it just depends on your schedule and how much time you apply to the course

Choosing the place to start should be the easiest part

There are so many lash schools out there saying that they will teach you what you need, but the problem is, most people end up spending more time, and wasting precious money trying out courses only to find out it didn't have everything that they needed. 

The lash world has changed and we are proud to be the first program of it's kind to evolve with it. 
This program is one of it's kind and through our proven frameworks, and step by step blue print, it is designed to take you from 0-6figures in your lash business and help you create the empire you are worthy of 

your dreams are an investment
not an expense

you have massive goals for your life

We can't wait to help you grow your Lash Empire. 

Start Today 

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