Good Quality Tweezers Make for Faster Lashing!

April 5, 2023

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If your goal is to provide quality lash sets, with amazing retention in a short period of time, then speed lashing is going to be a game changer for you! If you haven’t taken our Speed Lashing Masterclass, then you are leaving money on the table! 

When it comes to lashing, one of the most overlooked things is having the right tweezers, meaning what works best for you! There is no one size fits all, or only one style that is good for a certain type of lashing. 

There are a few key things to pay attention to when it comes to choosing tweezers so check these out and make sure you have the right tools to up your lash game

  • You will never regret investing in the right tweezers – this is always money well spent, when you make an informed choice!
  • Choose a line that has multiple styles so you can find what works for you! For example – our Fixe Pro Elite Tweezers have 4 style options to meet all of your needs. The style that works for you today may not be what’s best for tomorrow so staying within the same brand line gives you peace of mind knowing what to expect. If you’re having problems picking up the lashes, try a different style of tweezer and see how that works.
  • Watch for good quality from a reputable brand and pay attention to the coating. The Fixe Pro Elite Tweezers also have a ruler right on them which is great for measuring the natural lashes so that you can determine which extensions are best for that client based on the look that they want. This is above and beyond what a typical tweezer will provide! 
  • As you get into full time lashing, you don’t want to be using a tweezer that’s heavy or bulky so look for something light weight! Bigger tweezers are harder to hold on to so choose something that is easy to hold in your hand!
  • The typical rule of thumb when it comes to Classic Lashing is to use a straight tweezer, or a J curve. When you move into Volume Lashing, you will likely move into a slim boot tweezer or a 45 degree. And from there, you have a full set so you can go back and forth between tweezers depending what feels best for you! We love the Fixe Pro Griplock Tweezers for Volume Lashing because in the base of the tweezer there’s a rough etching that holds the lashes in place so you don’t squeeze too hard and lose your fans! Trust us – they will shave minutes off your fan making time!
  • Learn how to hold your tweezers and how to use the tweezers correctly. Every tweezer is different so you want to find right at the base where the lashes come in contact because that is the sweet spot! The Fixe Pro Griplock Tweezers have a diamond etching so you know where your fingers are supposed to be to have optimal control and to reduce fatigue and problems like carpal tunnel. 
  • On top of having the right tweezers, make sure that you’re using the proper high level disinfectant. Keep your tweezers clean, remove all adhesive and file them nice and sharp every 6 months or so!
  • Lastly, if you drop your tweezers, they likely become misaligned and you will want to replace them!
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