6 Steps for Creating Reels for your Lashing Business

December 5, 2022

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It’s easy to waste a lot of time on social media trying to figure out how to grow your following and bring in new clients so we want to take the stress out of this for you. 


Instagram Reels is really the way to grow your Instagram right now. It’s the specific tool within Instagram that the app is pushing and it’s the way to get your brand and your business seen. 


Follow these 6 steps below to create easy reels that are sure to grow your business and also more profit:


Step 1 – Change your Instagram account to a Creator Account

Step 2 – Select Trending Audio and Choose a Template 

Step 3 – Edit Your Media Clips to Tell a Story

Step 4 – Add Text and Filters

Step 5 – Add a Catchy Caption and Relevant Hashtags

Step 6 – Post Your Reel!


Switching to a Creator Account is going to give you access to the tools you need to create trending reels. These are the reels that are trending and getting all of the views on Instagram. When you have a creator account, it’s going to give you access to specific sounds and tools that you won’t have in a personal or business account. 


The cool thing about Instagram is that you can immediately switch back and forth between your account type. So if you want to create this reel, get access to the tools, and then switch back to business, definitely go ahead and do that because that’s something that we do at Fixe, a lot. But using creator gives us access to trending sounds and just templates that make creating reels a breeze.


There are sounds and templates already created so you can just plug in your videos and your photos. Ladies, this is the key to working smarter and not harder. When you are scrolling on Instagram and find a sound you love or the format of a video that you like, save it so you can come back to it later. This allows you to start brainstorming and thinking through how you can take the existing content you have, plug it into a video that you know is performing well and instantly get the views and the reach! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time. It’s already work done for you.


When you use a template, you can see the transitions, you can see how it’s moving and the timing is going to already exist within the template. So you don’t even have to think through it.


You don’t have to spend hours chopping, slicing, and editing videos. It’s already going to give you the timing. You just have to input your photos and your videos and you are good to go. We love this about Instagram and about Reels. It allows you to repurpose content which is so helpful. 


Inside Instagram is where you will find drafts and that is where all of your work is going to be saved. INstagram saves your work as you are making edits so you can make as many changes as you need until you get it to your liking!


We encourage you to play around with it and make it your own. Add some text if you like or throw on a filter. If you don’t like it, just take it off, simple as that!


You’re likely familiar with adding text because it’s super similar to creating a story on Instagram. You get the same font colors, all the same shadow effects and transitions, the same as the Instagram story. The other really cool part is that you can place different pieces of text at different times. It doesn’t have to be the same text throughout the entire video. 


The key here is to use those templates. Use them every time if you can, because it’s just going to save you so much time and it’s going to make your videos so much cleaner and super seamless. 


Once you have that done, be sure to add a caption and hashtags. When you add hashtags for large companies such as #fixebeauty you get your work seen by their audience as well, so go ahead and add our hashtag to your work! 


The last thing you need to do is edit the cover. This is so important because you have to think about how your feed is looking and the aesthetic that you want to keep in place. When you do this It looks like a normal post, but it’s also a reel and that’s super important for everything looking really concise and pretty.


Lastly, you always want to share it to your feed. The reason you want to share your reels to your feed is because it’s going to post for your audience as well. They will immediately start engaging because they know you, they follow you. That immediate engagement is going to set the algorithm off. It’s going to put your reel above others by sharing it to the feed.So always do that. 


We would even recommend posting it on Facebook. You can set it to where it will post both. You want to get this reel out in front of as many people as possible.

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