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November 24, 2022

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And it’s the one tool that so many professionals are not sure how or when to use!

There are many times during an appointment where having your Nanomister on hand is key!

Misting over a client’s lashes is a way to add moisture to your adhesive, helping the adhesive to dry faster. Sp, as a rule of thumb, at the end of your lash set, you would mist your clients’ lashes gently to cure the glue another 25%. 

Another thing that’s also great about using a nanometer is when you have a client who has burning eyes, irritation, or watery eyes during the application. You can use your Nanomister to gently miss their eyes and then the lashes and then you can fan them off. This not only helps with the irritation, but it is a great way to also cure the adhesive. 

The reason this is so helpful with irritation is because when the water mists the glue dot, the outside edge cures and it stops emitting fumes which is what burns people’s eyes. 

That’s another benefit of using the Nanomister at the end of an appointment. When your client opens their eyes, there won’t be any burning. 

So how does it actually work? The Nanomister gently emits a mist of water.  You should always use distilled water in your nanomister so it doesn’t get calcium buildup. It is literally that simple, but can be a real game changer during an appointment. 

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