Top 3 Tips to Give Clients the Longest Lasting Lashes

November 21, 2022

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Here are our top 3 tips for making sure your adhesive is working the best for you so that you can give your clients the longest lasting lashes. 


At the end of the day, long lasting lashes means happy clients and happy clients means people that always come back to you, spend more money and tell all their friends how amazing you are. 


Tip #1 – Adhesive Care  


The best way, and also most overlooked way, to protect your product investment is with our airtight adhesive container – Stuck on You.  You’re spending a lot of money on investing in your adhesive, so you want to make sure that it’s functioning as best as possible. 


The inside of the container has room for up to three adhesives. Most lash artists use two different glues, so we recommend the Fixed Pro Adhesive and the Fixated Adhesive. You pop them inside and make sure that the lid is on air tight.  Then you always know where your adhesive is, it’s always stored safely and you’re protecting your investment and your time spent on clients as well. 


Tip #2 – Shaking Your Adhesive


The Adhesive Glue Shaker is going to save you so much time! Before this came out, we used to suggest that you shake your adhesive for about 60 seconds before each appointment to make sure that the adhesive was not separated. If your glue is not perfectly shaken, once dropped on the jade stone you’ll see the separation between the carbon black and the other ingredients in the adhesive. This means that it’s not going to function for you like you need it to when it’s not perfectly mixed. 


The adhesive shaker comes with a bunch of different sizes of holders for the lids, and we made sure that they fit perfectly with Fixe Beauty adhesives!


All you need to do before your appointment is pop the adhesive in the end of the shaker and push the button so it does all the work for you, leaving your wrists fresh and ready to lash! All you need is 15 to 20 seconds of shake time and then turn it off and you’re done. This doesn’t need to be done again until the beginning of your next appointment!


This is going to make sure that your adhesive is performing in the highest possible way that it can for you and that’s going to help with your retention in such a big way. 


Tip #3 – Every adhesive performs differently


Some adhesives dry faster and some dry slower. We always recommend having two different  adhesives on hand so you are prepared for all conditions. 


Things like temperature and humidity are going to affect the dry time of your adhesive. But other things that you may not be taking into account that are going to affect the dry time and retention is the speed at which you’re lashing and then also how porous, how oily and overall the general condition of your clients natural lashes. When you have two different adhesives on hand, you can make a little adjustment and grab a different adhesive if you need to. 


The Fixated Adhesive is a little bit slower when it comes to drying and is definitely amazing for anybody who’s been lashing for a while and has really good stable environmental conditions to lash in. This is definitely our go to and base adhesive to always have handy. It’s going to give you about a two to three second dry time. Ideally you want to be sitting at about 25 to 35% humidity for this adhesive as well.  


The FIXE Pro Adhesive is literally the fastest drying adhesive we have ever used or seen that performs this well. What we love about it is that it’s not really affected by the external environment around you so you have a bit more flexibility to move. If you’re working in conditions where you can’t always control the temperature or the humidity, then this one is amazing, but it is fast drying, so watch for that. 


If you are still building up your speed, if you’re just learning how to build fans, or if you’re working with a client who has fluttery lashes, then you want to make sure that you have the Fixated on hand but the FIXE Pro Adhesive is literally your best friend to get through fast appointments. 


It has less than a one second dry time and we love the versatility of this adhesive. We definitely recommend this for more advanced lash artists. So once you’ve been lashing for a while and you’re ready to pick up the speed in your appointment, and you are fast at Classic Lashing and you’re fast at building fans, this is a game changer for you!


Lesson for you – it’s always good to have a backup so that you don’t get stuck trying to force one adhesive to work. When you get into a place where something’s not working, change it. Find something that you can do to change up the situation so that you don’t get caught being stressed out because your clients are waiting and you’re not able to make the lashes stick. Having a backup adhesive is so important. And having ones that work in different environments, at different times and different porosities, as well as different pH levels is also a game changer. 

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