Taking shortcuts on products can end up costing you…

November 15, 2022

Hey! I’m Jessi.
I'm the founder & CEO of Fixe Beauty, and mom of two amazing boys! I'm on a mission to  help women create more time and financial freedom in their lives!
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When choosing the right products for your lashing business…quality matters. Simple as that.


There is no other way around it. There are places you can get away with cutting corners, and we’re here to tell you, products is not one of them!


We get asked all the time “What am I doing wrong”? “Why isn’t this working?” “Why is this hard? It sounded way easier!”


First off, anything worth doing is going to feel hard at times, right?!?


Second, yes, there is always room for skill improvement, and that’s something you definitely want to keep working on. The more you practice, the easier it gets and the more you learn, the better you become! 


To be the best at your trade, you HAVE to keep learning!


But, one key thing you may not be considering is how the products you are using are affecting the work you are doing. 


When we first start out we often think that we can cut corners to save a little money. 


Truth is, you pay for what you get and this is likely a huge part of why you are feeling frustrated. 


Taking shortcuts on products can end up costing you…


The products that you use to do your clients’ lashes matters. Just because you save money on products, does not mean you will make more money doing lashes. In fact, it could mean the opposite if your clients’ have to keep coming back from lashes falling out…


Everything from the adhesives you use, the lashes of course, but even the lash pillow and your glue shaker (and if you don’t have these yet, girl, what are you waiting for? #lifechanging)


This is why we put so much time, love and attention into creating a product suite of the most incredible choices for you. We won’t just offer you any old thing, these are all products we have personally used (and fallen in love with) and are of the BEST quality for you to do your best work, without breaking the bank. 


So the next time you are pulling out your hair because “this isn’t working”, ask yourself if maybe it would be the products that you are using that are causing you so much grief. 

Then head over to the Fixe Beauty Shop and use the code fixefam at check out for 15% off!

Say goodbye to your frustrations and hello to your best work!

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