Top 3 Tips When Feeling Lost in the Lash World

November 15, 2022

Hey! I’m Jessi.
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So, you took your course, got your certificate and then assumed you would be fully booked. 


That’s how it is supposed to work, right? At least that is what you pictured while you sat daydreaming at the 9-5 you desperately wanted out of…


I get it girl! It’s totally normal to feel lost in the lash world, especially when you are first starting out. There is so much to consider. From troubleshooting client concerns, to building a brand online, to booking out your calendar and then adding more services to stay on top of the trends. 


You have allllll the questions!


You want to charge more, but are scared to raise your prices.

You want to add more clients, but how do you get your name out there?

You want to feel more confident, but where do you even start?


What about when a client’s lashes are not staying on?

Or you have no show’s?

Or if you have to cancel because you are sick…


How do you take pics of your work to share on your social media that actually look good, and while you’re at it, how do you start showing your face in your stories so people know who you really are??


All. The. Things.


Here’s what I know, there are 3 things that made a difference for me and it’s time I share them with you so you can stop feeling lost and start showing up like the Queen you are!

1.Find Your People!


You are not meant to do this alone! Being an entrepreneur is hard, there are so many lonely times and back breaking days of work and you need others who are doing the do with you that get you. 


There is A LOT of power in community, and surrounding yourself with beauty pros that want to grow like you, and not just complain all day, will do wonders for keeping your head in the game, especially on the hard days. 


The more you can be poured into by your lash sisters, the more your own confidence will grow and being their support in return provides a huge sense of fulfillment for you too! If you are already a member of the Fixe Beauty Alumni Facebook group then you will know EXACTLY what this feels like, and if you are not, then click here to meet your new best friends!


2.Stay in contact with your lash training company!


Having a place to ask all your questions and literally have your hand held at times, will change it all for you! I felt so strongly about this which is how our LashPro Membership was created! We give our students the opportunity to join our lead educator on a live call EVERY week for exclusive trainings, and all the Q & A support they need. 


We have built out courses on everything you could ever want to know to grow not only your skills, but your business, your social media and yourself! If it sounds too good to be true, then come see for yourself because it is pure gold my friend! And best part, we are just getting started! You won’t find this anywhere else in the industry so even if you are not yet Fixe Beauty trained, you are more than welcome to join us!


3.Set yourself up with support at home!


This is going to look different for everyone because we are all on a different journey, and we all need different things. But make sure that you have your own personal cheer team that you can be honest with when days are hard. 


Maybe it is a back rub from your partner after a long day at work, or a phone call with your best friend so you can talk about your day. For some it may be a little time alone while the kids are cared for by someone else so you can catch your breath and for others it will be a walk with their dog in the woods. 


You do you boo, but make sure you do take the time and get the support! You can’t pour from an empty cup so take care of yourself first so you can show up for those that need you AND for your clients. 

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