How to make your lash extensions last longer...

Everyone always asks me…. “How do you keep your lash extensions on for so long.”  Well, ladies, it is not complicated.  I simply follow the rules and take good care of them!  We don’t preach about proper eyelash extension aftercare because we want to hear ourselves speak ;).  Here are my top 10 tips for keeping eyelash extensions looking AMAZING!

1.  Avoid ANYTHING oil based on the face, especially close to the eye! A lot of people don’t realize their skincare contains oils…. Do your research thoroughly!

2.  Clean them… EVERY DAY!!! Clean your lashes every day to ensure that you are removing debris, built up oils, residue and built up makeup. The oils and residue will breakdown the bond of the adhesive which will cause poor retention.

3.  Speaking of makeup… I don’t wear much. Eyeliners and most eyeshadows are either oil based or don’t allow your skin to breathe.   This causes excess oil excretion, which if you are not cleaning them properly, sits on those lashes for far too long and breaks down the glue bond! Do you wear eyeliner daily? CLEAN IT OFF DAILY.

4.  Brush them – daily!

5.  Don’t sleep on your face! Silk pillowcases help, but full on face sleepers will see it affect their retention big time!

6.  Don’t touch! The less you touch them, the less oil transfers from your fingers onto your lashes ;).

7.  Avoid excess stress on your lashes.  Do you rinse all your shampoo/conditioner onto your lashes? Face cleansers? Shower stream your face every day? STOP!! Avoiding these things helps a LOT!

8.  Workouts – think of all that sweat…. Make sure to clean it out of your lashes after each workout.

8. Steam/Heat – keep it away from your lashes for excess periods of time!

Lashes aren’t work if you know how to take proper care of them!  Would you not wash your face for a week?  Not brush your teeth for a week?  HELL NO! Your lashes are in the same realm! Keep them clean, treat them kindly, and you can make your eyelash extensions last longer than you are used too! You spend good money on those lashes, make sure you’re doing the right thing by YOU to see value in it!!!


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