5 things you NEED to know before getting lash extensions

October 7, 2021

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Ever had a conversation with your girlfriends about Lash Extensions? We’ll bet most of them had a great experience, but we’ll also bet there was some horror stories! And unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon experience.


Like every industry, there are great technicians, and there are some who are not so great. So, what do you need to know to make sure you select the best technician for you?


  1. Is your Lash Technician certified?


    1. Believe it or not, the Eyelash Extension industry remains unregulated at this time. What does that mean? It means there are no governing rules or legislations as to what education/experience is required for them to pick up tweezers and start lashing you! It is always a good idea to ask if your technician has taken formal training. If they have invested in formal training, this shows their commitment to their craft, and to your personal safety and comfort.

  2. Are they Health Approved?


    1. This is a condition that varies based on your location and its provincial/state requirements. To operate a commercial or home based business legally here in Alberta, a lash technician is required to have Health Approval from Alberta Health Services. Having health approval shows a client that their technician is using products that are approved within the province for professional use, that their workspace is approved to health standards, and that their protocols for before & after care are also approved. Without formal Health Approvals, City Licensing is unable to be completed. Having Health Approval demonstrates to our clientele that we are Professionals, and our client’s health and safety is our upmost concern.

  3. What is their “style” of lash application?


    1. As with any industry, each technician tends to create a personal style of lashing. It is important to research your technician and their social media platforms, so you can determine if their work is suited to your personal style.

  4. “Should I get Classic or Volume Lash Extensions?”


    1. This is a personal choice. Everyone’s personal style will lean more towards a natural look, a cross between natural and dramatic, or DRAMATIC! The type of lashes you choose will depend on the type of look you would prefer.

  5. What is the difference between Classic and Volume Lash Extensions?


    1. Classic Lash Extensions are a 1:1 basis, meaning 1 lash extension is applied to each 1 natural lash. Volume lash extensions are anywhere from 2-8 lash extensions per 1 natural lash. Classic lash extensions are best explained as imitating the best mascara you’ve ever owned – without the hassle of actually having to apply it and remove it everyday! Volume lash extensions are applied in a way that the ends are fanned outward, creating soft ends and a more bold lash line. Both forms are great! There are simply different styles to suit different requests.


When looking for your lash technician, buyer beware when it comes to pricing! Experienced, educated lash technicians will price themselves accordingly. Ensure their pricing is still fair within the industry, but reflects their level of expertise, commitment and education.


Best of luck in your search!



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