6 reasons your lash extensions might be falling off…

October 7, 2021

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Let’s address the pink elephant in the room! If you have lash extensions, you know that they’re not permanent. However, sometimes our lashes last a solid 3-4 weeks, and sometimes at the end of week 2 we are thinking “What is happening?! Why are my Eyelash Extensions falling out”!!!

First of all, it is important to know that eyelashes shed just like the hair on our heads. The shed cycles vary for each person. Each individual eyelash extension is adhered to an individual natural lash. As your natural lashes shed and go through their cycle, they will shed with the extension that is attached to them. Some people have longer cycles and some have shorter cycles. The growth of your finger and toe nails, as well as the growth of your hair on your head, can often be a good indicator of how fast your eyelash growth cycle is. Typically, the faster your nails and hair grow, the faster your eyelashes grow as well. Which means that you may be experiencing shedding and regrowth within 1-2 weeks and the need for a fill more often. People with slower cycles, will likely not need to come in for a fill for 3-4 weeks. 

Shedding cycles are also impacted seasonally and most people experience a shed either in the fall or in the winter. These cycles and seasonal shedding will definitely affect your lash retention, on top of many other factors.

6 other Reasons your Eyelash Extensions May be falling off:


1.   Oil – Oil is the devil in the lash-world! Avoid any oil based products at all if possible. Or keep them well away from your eyes and lashes. This includes your cleanser when washing your face and shampoo’s and conditioners.


2.   Sleeping Habits – sleeping on your face is a big no-no in lash land! Any pillowcase contact or rubbing during your sleep will affect lash retention – try to avoid eye contact, and use a silk pillowcase to reduce friction.


3.   Cleaning those lashes – How often are you doing this?! Think of it this way… Every single day your skin produces oil; including your eyelids! If you add in makeup, eye makeup, a workout, etc.… and then not removing that build-up and cleaning the lashes?! That is going to equal a huge amount of oil and dirt on those lashes! This will affect your lash retention in a HUGE way! Removing makeup and cleaning the eyes properly daily will HELP your retention, not ruin it! Keep those bad boys clean, you paid good money for them!



4. Touching – We have a “do not touch” policy with our clients, as much as can be reasonable! Brushing daily is mandatory, but touching your lashes with your fingers will transfer all that oil from your fingers onto your lashes… re-visit #1 and #3!


5.   Weather – is it super windy/cold and your eyes are watering a lot?? This will wear down the adhesive on your lashes also! Keeping this in mind, lots of crying (it happens sometimes!) can also do the same thing. Cold weather can cause the bond of the adhesive to be more brittle than normal, while overly humid weather can cause build-up of oils and also lower your retention.


6.  Beauty Products – Keep in mind hair sprays, oils, mousse’s etc. usually contain oil. When spraying/using these products, make sure to keep the excess “cloud” of product away from your lashes


Lash Extensions are not high maintenance when properly cared for! Remember to follow your technicians instructions on proper after care, and you will get better longevity out of them! If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself and your bank account!



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