The Secret Ingredient in Eyelash Extensions

April 17, 2023

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Ever wondered about the magic ingredient that makes your stunning eyelash extensions stay put? Today, we’re lifting the veil on the fascinating world of eyelash extension adhesive! We’ll explore what’s inside that little bottle of bonding goodness, its safety, and how it works its charm. Plus, we’ll let you in on how you can master the art of eyelash extension adhesives through Fixe Beauty’s LashPro5G training program. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s go!

What is Lash Glue made of and WHY do you need to know? 

The superstar ingredient in eyelash extension adhesive is none other than cyanoacrylate! This acrylic resin is famed for its powerful bonding properties, making it the perfect choice for our fabulous lash extensions. But that’s not all – cyanoacrylate is versatile enough to star in various applications like medical surgeries and even the humble super glue. And let’s not forget the fabulous carbon black, giving the adhesive its gorgeous deep black hue that blends seamlessly with your lush lash extensions.

Is Eyelash Extension Adhesive Safe? You Bet!

When wielded by the expert hands of a professional lash artist, cyanoacrylate-based adhesives are perfectly safe for your eyelash extension needs. It’s important to note that these adhesives should never touch your skin or eyes directly. But don’t worry – our trained lash artists know their stuff and follow all the safety precautions to ensure a flawless and secure application.

How the Eyelash Extension Adhesive Works Its Magic:

The secret to the adhesive’s extraordinary bonding power lies in the polymerization process, which transforms the liquid cyanoacrylate into a solid, durable bond. When exposed to humidity in the air or through techniques like nano-misting or lash baths, the adhesive hardens and locks your lash extensions in place, creating that stunning, long-lasting look you love.

Level Up Your Lash Game with Fixe Beauty’s LashPro5G Training:

Are you excited to become an expert in eyelash extension adhesives and take your lash skills to new heights? Whether you are brand new or you were certified but are looking for more indepeth training, Look no further than Fixe Beauty’s LashPro5G training program! Our comprehensive course will teach you all about adhesive composition, safety, and application techniques, transforming you into a highly educated and informed lash professional.

Ready to get started? Get certified for Classic, Volume and Mega with  Fixe Beauty’s LashPro5G training program and join the ranks of the most knowledgeable lash artists in the industry! Let’s create some lash magic together!

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