The Science Behind Adhesive Accelerators

April 14, 2023

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What is Eyelash Extension Adhesive Accelerator and how on earth do I use it? 

As an experienced lash artist, you know that speed and efficiency are essential for growing your business and keeping clients happy. One powerful tool to help you achieve faster, more efficient lash applications is the use of adhesive accelerators. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the science behind adhesive accelerators, explain how they can help you work faster and smarter, and give you tips on how to incorporate them into your lash application process using Fixe Beauty’s Lock It Down Accelerator.

Tip 1: Adhesive Accelerators and the Science of Monomers

To understand how adhesive accelerators work, it’s essential to know the basic chemistry behind cyanoacrylate adhesives. These adhesives consist of monomers, which are small molecules that can link together to form long chains called polymers. When the adhesive cures, these monomers bond to each other to create a strong, flexible polymer that securely attaches lash extensions to natural lashes.

Adhesive accelerators, like Fixe Beauty’s Lock It Down Accelerator, interact with the monomers in the adhesive, speeding up the bonding process and ensuring a consistent and efficient cure. By controlling the rate at which the monomers bond together, accelerators optimize the adhesive’s curing time, allowing you to work faster and achieve better results.

Tip 2: Achieve Maximum Adhesive Efficiency with Accelerators

Using adhesive accelerators not only speeds up your application process, but it also helps your adhesive work at maximum efficiency. When all environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and surface preparation of the natural lashes are in ideal conditions, the accelerator allows the adhesive to perform at its best. For example, a 0.5-second glue will indeed work in 0.5 seconds when using an accelerator, provided all other factors are optimal.

When your adhesive is working at maximum efficiency in an ideal environment and you use a glue accelerator, it allows you to work faster, avoid stickies, and maintain perfect isolation. This leads to longer-lasting, more durable lash sets that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Tip 3: Overcoming Environmental Challenges with Adhesive Accelerators

One of the significant advantages of adhesive accelerators is their ability to help you adapt to less-than-ideal environmental conditions. Humidity and temperature can significantly impact the performance of cyanoacrylate adhesives, but accelerators like Fixe Beauty’s Lock It Down Accelerator can limit the influence of these factors on your adhesive’s drying time.

By stabilizing the adhesive’s reaction with moisture and ensuring a consistent curing rate regardless of humidity levels, accelerators allow you to work confidently and efficiently in any setting. This adaptability is crucial when you can’t control humidity or temperature in your workspace, ensuring that you can consistently provide high-quality lash extensions for your clients.

Ready to harness the power of adhesive accelerators and take your lash game to the next level? Incorporate Fixe Beauty’s Lock It Down Accelerator into your lash application process and experience the difference it can make in speed, efficiency, and overall results. And if you want to learn even more tips and tricks for speed lashing, be sure to check out our Fixe Beauty Speed Lash Masterclass, where we cover everything you need to know to become a speed lashing expert. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your lash skills and grow your business!

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