Cashmere Lashes are Queen!

November 15, 2022

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When it comes to lashes, this might surprise you, but not all are made equal.


If you don’t already know, the quality of the lash extensions and the ingredients sourced to make them, have a direct impact on the feel, shine, color, curl and longevity of the lash.


While most synthetic lashes are made of the same material, Polybutylene terephthalate ( PBT), the quality behind them varies from each manufacturer and making sure to invest in premium lashes is so important when you are a professional who is looking to provide top quality service and have the happiest and most loyal clients, and I know that’s important to you!


The quality of the lash extension will determine how long the curl lasts, how black the color stays, and how light and soft they feel on your clients eyes. This also determines how well the lashes will fan for you and even affects how slippery they are to pick up, and you know that anything you can do to ease the process of lashing is worth it for you and for your client!


I can tell you from experience that when you compromise on the quality of your products, this  never pays off in the long run. Your clients deserve the best and will love you for never compromising on quality. This one minor adjustment in your lashing business will make a world of difference in client retention. The happier your clients are, the more referrals you get 😉 which means more money coming in!


After searching high and low, years of testing, research, and reviews, we have never been prouder to introduce our Cashmere Pro Lash Line. So much love has gone into this line and we know once you try them you will see what we mean! 😍


These lashes are perfect for every artist, from beginner, to advanced, and your client will feel the quality and notice the difference. Each tray comes packaged with 12 rows and indicator strips for easy organization and efficient lashing. 


Think of it like this…luxury meets functionality with our Cashmere Pro Premium Lashes. Makes you want to click right over to the Fixe Beauty Shop and grab some for yourself, doesn’t it?


If you are looking for lashes that will give your clients the boldest impact, with the softest feel, then look no further because Cashmere truly is Queen of this lash kingdom. 



🖤Jet Black

🖤Ultra-smooth finish


It’s time you give your clients the lightest, most luxurious look and I know without a doubt they will come back time and time again for more! You can thank me later😘 


Click here to get your hands on our Cashmere Pro Premium Lashes!


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