The right Lash Pillow increases retention!

October 24, 2022

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Call me crazy. But as I sit here creating our new Maximum Retention Course, I have dove deeper into the depths of retention and how to achieve the greatest, longest, best retention than I think any person ever has.


The conversations with hundreds of you, and dozens of my colleagues in this industry, have shown me a few truths about retention and one truth that is so commonly overlooked is how having the right pillow can actually impact your client retention, and your lash retention.


Sit tight and let me walk you through this.


Have you ever been 20 minutes into an appointment, finally getting into your groove, your glue is working just right, and everything is going smoothly, only to have your client ask that dreaded question…


“How much longer?”


…Girlfriend. We are just getting started! LOL


The thing is, one of the most commonly overlooked issues when it comes to retention is the back to the basics simplicity of ensuring that your client is comfortable at the appointment.


We all know that a sleeping client is the best client! And if we can’t achieve that, the next best thing is a still client.  Laying on your back for 2-3 hours at a time can challenge the most relaxed client. Add in a sore back, neck, and an uncomfortable pillow, and you as a lash tech have a wormy situation that makes your job that.much.harder.


The more comfortable, more accessible and more rested you can make a client, the easier it is to lash. The less time she spends fidgeting,the more time you can not only spend lashing, but also ensuring that each lash is meticulously, beautifully, and perfectly bonded at the base of each natural lash.


It took years, and many many lash pillows to finally find one that was able to do it all.


Provide exceptional, ridiculously incredible comfort for the client but also, a flat space to put your lash tray and your tools that was hygienic, non-porous and could be hygienically cleaned and that lasted the test of time.


We found it.


Honestly, you’ll love this pillow so much you may even end up finding yourself wanting to curl up on your own service bed and take a quick ash nap between clients.


Give your clients the most comfortable, luxurious experience that they will love you forever for, while also keeping them calm, comfortable and still so you can do your job at max capacity.


Perfect placement is one of the most important steps towards maximizing retention. And luxurious comfort is the secret to keeping your clients coming back for more and creating an environment for the best lash naps that she will crave every time she comes back.


It’s a win-win-win!

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