Why You Need to Use a High-Quality Lash Cleanser 

April 14, 2023

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As an experienced lash artist, you may already be aware of some basic cleansing practices. 

However, understanding the science behind it can help you achieve even better results. In this module, we’ll explain why cleansing the natural lashes is crucial, the role of pH balancing, and the importance of using a specially formulated lash cleanser.

  1. The Importance of Cleansing Natural Lashes – Cleansing the natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions is crucial for several reasons:
  • It removes any traces of makeup, oil, and debris that can interfere with the adhesive’s bonding process.
  • A clean surface allows the adhesive to cure properly, ensuring a strong bond and maximum retention.
  • Proper cleansing speeds up the application process by providing a suitable surface for the extensions to adhere to without any obstacles.
  1. The Science Behind pH Balancing – Balancing the pH of the natural lash is essential for both speed lashing and long retention. Here’s why:
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives, the primary component in lash adhesives, require a specific pH range (usually around 7-8) to cure efficiently and achieve a strong bond.
  • The natural pH of human skin can vary, which means that the pH of the natural lashes may not always be ideal for adhesion.
  • A properly balanced pH promotes better adhesive performance, contributing to a quicker application process and improved retention.
  1. The Benefits of a Specially Formulated Lash Cleanser like Fixe Lash Laundry – Using a lash cleanser specifically formulated with the correct pH offers several advantages:
  • It ensures that the natural lashes are perfectly clean and free of any substances that could compromise the adhesive’s performance.
  • The cleanser balances the pH of the natural lashes, providing the ideal environment for cyanoacrylate adhesives to work at their maximum efficiency.
  • A high-quality lash cleanser not only optimizes the bonding process but also maintains the health of the natural lashes.

*NOTE: A lot of schools will teach that baby shampoo or saline is appropriate for cleansing the natural lash. This is not correct for a few reasons:

  • These products are not designed for the purpose of eyelash extension application and with the intention of properly balancing the PH of the natural lash to maximize the efficacy of the cyanoacrylate eyelash extension adhesive you will be using
  • Babyshampoo or any other cleanser not specifically designed to be used around the eye is not approved and potentially not safe for use in and around the eye area. This puts you at risk for insurance purposes and also can potentially cause irritations 
  • Saline solution, while designed with the purpose of use around the eye, is not designed with the purpose of balancing the PH for eyelash extension adhesive

Make sure that you select a Premium Quality Eyelash Extension cleanser to ensure that you are using a product designed for eyes and for preparing lashes for the adhesive. 

  1. The Importance of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives and Clean Surfaces – Cyanoacrylate adhesives play a vital role in the success of eyelash extension application. However, their performance depends on the cleanliness and pH balance of the natural lashes:
  • Natural lashes accumulate oils, makeup, and residue over time, which can interfere with the adhesive’s bonding and curing process.
  • If the natural lashes are not properly cleansed, the adhesive may not bond well, resulting in poor retention and a slower application process.
  • A clean, pH-balanced surface allows the cyanoacrylate adhesive to achieve maximum efficiency, leading to faster application and longer-lasting results.

In conclusion, using a high-quality lash cleanser and understanding the science behind pH balancing and cyanoacrylate adhesives is crucial for speed lashing and maximum retention. By incorporating these principles into your lashing practice, you can improve your efficiency, deliver exceptional results, and ultimately boost your earnings.

Understanding this is one of the most important things that you can do. And explaining to your clients why cleansing their lashes and coming to the appointment with clean lashes is even more important. 


  1. Teach your clients WHY it is important to come to the appointment with clean lashes. ( less time cleaning = more time lashing!)
  2. Have a Bottle of Lash Laundry with lint free towels and microflocks at your sink for clients to use. If a client arrives at their appointment with unclean lashes, send them to the sink to cleanse their lashes prior to the appointment. 
  3. Have a bottle of Lash Laundry at your workstation and even after the client has washed her lashes, Or if she arrived with clean lashes, ALWAYS cleanse her lashes again before the appointment starts. 
  4. Have Bottles of Lash Laundry available for purchase for your client to take home. Explain to her how to cleanse her lashes and explain how clean lashes will lash longer for her. When you explain all of the reasons above, and show her WHY it is important, the likelihood of her actually cleaning her lashes will increase. When you ensure that EVERY client has a bottle of Lash Laundry at home it will also help to ensure that she has cleansed her lashes PRIOR to showing up to her appointment – which increases your speed at your appointment so you are starting each set with a clean canvas and not waiting for her to finish at the sink.To stock up and Save on Lash Laundry and make sure you’re not losing a single minute in your sets click here to purchase wholesale
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