Unveiling the Science Behind Lash Cleansers: Boost Your Eyelash Extension Retention and Speed with Expert Tips

April 14, 2023

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Lash artists, it’s time to level up your skills and knowledge! In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of lash cleansers and uncover the science behind their crucial role in eyelash extension application. From balancing the pH of natural lashes to ensuring maximum retention and speed, you’ll learn how using a high-quality lash cleanser, like Fixe Beauty’s Lash Laundry, can take your lashing game to new heights!

Tip 1: Why is cleansing natural lashes essential?

Before applying eyelash extensions, it’s vital to thoroughly cleanse the natural lashes to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup residue. This step is critical because the cyanoacrylate adhesives used in lash extensions require a clean surface to bond effectively. When the natural lashes are free from any impurities, you’ll achieve better retention and faster application.

Tip 2: The importance of balancing the pH of natural lashes

The average pH of natural lashes lies between 4.5-5.5, while the optimal pH for cyanoacrylate-based lash adhesive is around 7. Using a specially formulated lash cleanser, such as Fixe Beauty’s Lash Laundry, helps balance the pH of natural lashes, preparing them for optimal adhesive bonding.

Tip 3: Cyanoacrylate adhesives and clean surfaces

The performance of cyanoacrylate adhesives heavily depends on the cleanliness of the natural lashes. These adhesives require a properly balanced pH and a surface free from grease, oil, and debris to work at their maximum efficiency. Lash cleansers ensure that the natural lashes are perfectly clean, allowing the adhesive to bond seamlessly with the extensions.

Tip 4: How a high-quality lash cleanser contributes to speed lashing

When the natural lashes are thoroughly cleansed and have a balanced pH, the cyanoacrylate adhesive can perform at its best, allowing for instant adhesion upon extension placement. This process helps you work faster and more efficiently, ultimately improving your lashing speed.

Tip 5: The benefits of using Lash Laundry By Fixe

Lash Laundry by Fixe is specifically designed to cleanse the natural lashes while balancing their pH for optimal adhesive performance. This high-quality lash cleanser not only ensures maximum retention but also contributes to increased lashing speed.


Understanding the science behind lash cleansers and their role in eyelash extension application is crucial for any lash artist. By incorporating a high-quality lash cleanser like Fixe Beauty’s Lash Laundry into your routine, you can enjoy better retention, increased speed, and happier clients! Ready to dive deeper and learn even more expert tips? Join the Fixe Beauty Speed Lash Masterclass and unlock your full lashing potential!

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