How to start earning money in the lash biz right away!!

I’ll bet you’ve been hearing a ton about this amazing opportunity to earn more money! 


The side hustle can help you earn $100’s of dollars while you sleep?!


 All you have to do is share. 


Interested in hearing more?!




FIXE Beauty wants to help you earn more money and we’re going to teach you how!


Share The Love has one of the highest commissions in the industry at 25%. Not to mention you already know their Lash Courses are second to none! 


Who doesn’t want to share this wicked opportunity to support one another all while taking a course that will teach you a new skill, too!


But the best part – you don’t have to take the course to participate. Your personalized referral link works on FIXE Beauty courses and products EVEN IF you haven’t taken the course yourself. Maybe you just LOVE the products, or maybe someone you know took the course and is doing INCREDIBLE or maybe you have your eye on the course but money is a bit tight right now – how about you earn your course fee?!


Here’s how it works.


You sign up for the referral program. You get a personalized link to share to socials, through text or email to your community and when they purchase using your unique link, you get paid 25% of their purchase! Easy as that!


FIXE Beauty’s referral program also has a tiered system. When you reach certain milestones, you are rewarded…(like think Louis Vuitton & Tiffany’s) Not to mention the cash that is deposited into your account too!


This also means you constantly have a goal to work towards. They also have an Educator dedicated to supporting anyone who wants to be a part of the Share The Love Referral Program. 


This program is a great way to earn extra income, all while building your lash business.


Are you going to join today? Click here to sign up FOR FREE!


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